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TitleHousehold expenditure on water services in Burkina Faso : financial and economic expenditures of rural and peri-urban households across socio-economic classes and seasons in Burkina Faso
Publication TypeProgress Report
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSchweitzer, R, Pezon, C, Pinjari, A, Fonseca, C, Mihelcic, JR
Pagination53 p.
Date Published09/2013
Place PublishedThe Hague
TypeWASHCost Burkina Faso working paper
Publication LanguageEnglish

In this working paper, WASHCost analyses how household expenditure in formal water sources - financial, economic and cumulative - vary across the socio-economic strata in rural and peri-urban areas in Burkina Faso. The paper evaluates several factors, including spending behaviour of households across seasons, that influence water service levels received by households. It concludes with insights for programme development and policy formulation on water, suggesting that differentiated approaches in delivering water services to socio-economic categories are necessary to reach the poorest and marginalised.





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