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TitleHarnessing water point data to improve drinking water services
Publication TypeResearch Report
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDickinson, N, Knipschild, F, Magara, P, Kwizera, G
Pagination23 p. : 6 boxes; 8 fig. 1 tab.
Date Published07/2017
PublisherWASHNote, IRC Uganda, USAID, Coca Cola, WADA
Place PublishedRotterdam, The Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish

This document introduces what water point data are, why they are collected, and how they are used in "The Value of Water Point Data". The chapter "A Deep Dive: The Case of Uganda" illustrates the use and progressive improvement of water point data in a country that is actively updating and publishing its National Water Atlas. "From Water Point Data to Improved Water Services" provides an overview of how water point data can be used more effectively to measure services and water resources, strengthen the enabling environment, and improve coordination. It also reviews some innovative approaches under development, such as the remote monitoring of water points. Finally, "Recommendations" provides actionable guidance to a) national governments, b) local governments, c) NGOs and implementers, and d) donors and investors.

This paper is a product of WASHNote.

Citation Key83090
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