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TitleExperiments on co-composting of human excreta with bio-char in Arba Minch, Ethiopia : a paper presented at the second conference on developments in...
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBulbo, M, Yemaneh, A, Dalecha, T, Amlaku, T, Krasteva, K, Langergraber, G, Otterpohl, R
Pagination6 p.; 4 fig.; 1 tab.
Date Published2012-10-29
Place PublishedS.l.
Keywordscompost, ecological sanitation, ethiopia arba minch, faecal sludge management [FSM], faeces, human excreta, urine treatment, waste management

The potential of human urine, faeces, and other bio-waste as sources of plant nutrients and soil organic matter is not yet fully utilized. Lack of appropriate technology for processing the waste streams is one of the major challenges for the limited success so far. These experiments are aimed at improving human waste processing in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. The impact of biochar in co-composting of urine, faeces, and bio-waste is assessed. Extent of conservation and concentration of plant nutrients through the process is investigated. Preliminary results have shown significant reduction in the volume to fertilizing value ratio of the end product. The addition of biochar is observed to improve operation in cocomposting. The application of co-composted faeces, urine, and bio-waste with biochar
has shown a better result over the mere application of composted or dried faeces or just stored urine. This study is in progress and shows that co-composting of urine and faeces with other bio-waste and biochar a potential method to generate nutrient and humus rich soil amendment agent. [authors abstract]

NotesWith 9 references
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