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TitleFrom dirty to clean pipes : a review of an anti-corruption agreement to prevent corruption in water and wastewater pipe supply in Colombia : paper presented at the IRC symposium ‘ Pumps, Pipes and Promises: Costs, Finances and Accountability for Sustainab
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBalcázar, AR, Perea, C
Pagination9 p.; 1 ref.; 3 boxes; 1 tab.; 8 photographs
Date Published2010-11-16
Place PublishedThe Hague, The Netherlands
Keywordscolombia, corruption, pipe joints, piped distribution, water supply, water supply services

In 2007, the independent “Ethics Committee” of the Colombian Pipe Manufacturers Anti-Corruption Sectorial Agreement undertook its first monitoring to examine the regional water system “La Línea” which includes Santa Rosa de Lima and three other towns. This involved seeking information, asking for explanations and reporting findings to the responsible regulatory
agencies and authorities. The current status of the project can be summarized as follows : the towns still don’t receive any water and the water supply system is not completed. Although pipes were bought, at an estimated cost of USD 1.5 M, there is no water flowing and the pipes are just piled-up along the road. It was impossible during the visit to find representatives of the utility supposedly running the scheme. Also, the company that was supposed to supervise the project declined to provide any information. In september 2010, the Vice Ministry official response was “The date that Santa Rosa de Lima will have water is uncertain”. [authors abstract]

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