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TitleThe cost of sustaining sanitation services for 20 years can be 5-20 times the cost of building a latrine
Publication TypeFact Sheet
Year of Publication2012
Secondary TitleWASHCost global infosheet
Pagination6 p.; 2 tab.
Date Published10/2012
Place PublishedThe Hague
Type of WorkWASHCost global infosheet
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordscapacity building, cost benefit analysis, latrines, sanitation, WASHCost, water

In WASHCost global infosheet 2, WASHCost presents its main findings on sanitation, arguing that investments limited to the capital cost of building latrines have fell short in ensuring the sustained delivery of sanitation services. Infosheet 2 calls upon policymakers and the sector to refocus their strategies by budgeting for the life-cycle components of a sustainable sanitation service and together with users (e.g., households), search for cost-effective and efficient ways to safeguard lasting services. 

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