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TitleBuilding alliances series : water
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
AuthorsBrady, C, Daniliuk, J, Murray, S, Kavanaugh-Ulku, L, Shakirt, D, Kirkbride, T
Secondary TitleBuilding Alliances Series
Pagination42 p.; ill.; photographs; 8 refs.; tab.; boxes
Date Published2010-01-01 ?
Place PublishedWashington, DC, USA
Keywordswater resources, water supply, water supply services

This guide shows how USAID staff can build public-private partnerships in the water sector, based on USAID’s Global Development Alliance (GDA) model of alliances. Using existing examples, mostly from USAID itself, it covers water partnerships in three main areas: water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); water resources management; and water productivity. The guide reviews five models of existing water sector alliance models: encouraging market expansion and market-based approaches for water-related products, technologies, or services; improving water management in a company’s own economic activities and in other private sector industries; alleviating poverty at the “Base of the Pyramid”; assisting humanitarian relief efforts and promoting innovation, reform and a strengthened enabling environment. The guide gives practical tips on finding partners, getting started, as well as providing additional ideas and resources.

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