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The learning note is about an innovative new contracting arrangement that combines infrastructure development and capacity building for town water utilities. The Build Capacity-Build Transfer (BCBT) approach was developed by UNICEF with its partners in the ONEWASH Plus programme. The note identifies lessons learned to date from piloting in eight towns in four regions of Ethiopia (Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and Somali).

TitleBuild Capacity - Build Transfer (BCBT) : piloting an innovative contracting arrangement for urban water, sanitation and hygiene services (WASH)
Publication TypeBriefing Note
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsDefere, E, Paba, M
Secondary TitleOneWASH Plus learning note
Pagination8 p.
Date Published08/2016
PublisherIRC, UNICEF
Place PublishedAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Publication LanguageEnglish

This learning note focuses on the Build Capacity-Build Transfer approach. BCBT is a form of packaged contracting which has been developed to improve the procurement of urban WASH investments and ensure the capacity of Town Water Utilities and Boards to sustain services. ONEWASH Plus learning notes promote the sharing of experiences from innovations within the ONEWASH Plus Programme.

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