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TitleCosts and effectiveness of hygiene promotion within an integrated WASH capacity building project in Mozambique
Publication TypeBriefing Note
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPotter, A, Zita, J, Naafs, A, Uandela, A
Secondary TitleWASHCost Mozambique Briefing Note
Date Published2013-09
Publication LanguageEnglish

This Briefing Note presents the findings of the application of the WASHCost methodology in examining the cost effectiveness of a hygiene promotion intervention in Mozambique. Hygiene promotion interventions are activities aimed at changing specific hygiene behaviours within a designated time frame. It focuses on hygiene education aimed at reducing disease burden and improving health. With the existence of various possible hygiene promotion approaches, studies are needed in order to determine the cost effectiveness of each intervention so that different interventions can be compared.

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