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TitleAnnual report of the Natural Resources Information Clearinghouse : October 2002 - September 2003
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsChemonics International -Washington, DC, US
Paginationiii, 24 p. : 3 fig.
Date Published2003-10-01
Place PublishedWashington, DC, USA
Keywordsforestry, funding agencies, information management, information services, internet, land use, natural resources, sdiinf, sdiwrm, water resources management

The Natural Resources Information Clearinghouse (NRIC) was established in October 2002 to provide the Office of Natural Resources Management (NRM) of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) with communications and knowledge management support, as well as support for conferences and strategic planning. The NRM deals with four topics: biodiversity, forestry, land, and water. This first NRIC annual report describes the progress and plans in the five areas it works in: (1) research, writing and publishing reports; (2) collecting and organizing information about USAID natural resources management activities and expenditures Agency-wide; (3) providing improved access to these information resources - primarily through the design and production of internal and external Web pages - and assisting Agency staff to use the information; (4) strategic planning support; and (5) conference and meeting support. The NRIC is being managed for USAID by Chemonics International consulting firm under a US$ 6 million contract for the period 2002-2007.

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