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Presentations from the WASH Learning Theme 3 - "Water resource management : finding systemic solutions" session of the All Systems Connect International Symposium 2023.

TitleAll Systems Connect : WASH Learning Theme 3 - Water resource management : finding systemic solutions
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsFurey, S, Grisaffi, C, Naafs, A, G. van der, M, Latham, K, Ritchie, H, Bolivia, A
Secondary TitleAll Systems Connect International Symposium, 2-4 May 2023, The Hague, the Netherlands
Pagination9 PPTX files
Date Published05/2023
PublisherOne For All - IRC, Water For People, Water for Good
Place PublishedThe Hague, the Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordsdata collection, nature-based solutions, resilient WASH, source protection, systems strengthening, tools

The All Systems Connect International Symposium was held from 2-4 May 2023, in The Hague, the Netherlands. The event included ten thematic tracks:

  • C1) CONNECT health
  • C2) CONNECT finance
  • C3) CONNECT climate
  • C4) CONNECT social justice
  • W1) Delivering safely managed water and sanitation services
  • W2) Markets and behaviour change: how people invest and driving to scale
  • W3) Water resource management: finding systemic solutions
  • W4) Governments, politics and systems change
  • W5) Systems change and collective action
  • D) Country Dialogues

Presentations hosted under this resource were part of WASH Learning theme 3: Water resource management: finding systemic solutions.

Water is a scarce resource, threatened by droughts, floods, and pollution. How can we manage and govern water and sanitation wisely with stakeholders, addressing climate change challenges and building on technological innovation?

The theme included the following sessions (please use Microsoft Edge as browser for easy viewing):

W3.1 Broadening the definition of "resilience": approaches to WASH and climate systems strengthening

W3.2 Amplifying voices: locally-led approaches to improve water management

W3.3 Innovations in technology, tools and methods

W3.4 Integrating climate resilience into WASH system strengthening approaches - climate marketplace

W3.5 Water resources management data collection, visualisation and management for better water governance, includes:

  • Technical performance of CTD diver as an IWRM tool for mitigating climatic shock and enhancing water supply sustainability : experience from Mid-western Uganda - Stanley Okettayot Lobi
  • Global WASH Basins Toolkit in Kenya : a solution for WRM? - Jon Shepherd and Freya Scott
  • The Safe Water Resiliency Toolkit : using GIS - Lauren Cuscuna
  • Sand dams: the answer to dryland water in security? - Hannah Ritchie
  • Data stewards : an emerging competency for catalyzing utilization of WASH data for decision making? - Muthi Nhlema & Marieke Adank (IRC)
  • Ingredients for increasing impact on water management with data - Emeline Béréziat

W3.6 Poo is water resource management too : taking a systems approach to sanitation as part of the whole water cycle, includes:

  • Inclusive WASH for positive education outcomes : a case of the climate resilient institutional and public sanitation (CRIPS) project - Martha Naigaga (Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda)
  • Lived experiences from India : inclusive access to safely managed water, sanitation & hygiene services - Santwana Sneha (FINISH Society)
  • Climate impacts on rural sanitation and hygiene - Ruhil Iyer (Institute of Development Studies)

W3.7 Scaling water source protection through nature-based solutions within landscapes, includes:

  • Western Area Peninsula Water Fund : a case from Sierra Leone - Kareen Zabow (CRS Sierra Leone)
  • Landscape approaches : linking integrated water resources management and agroecology : A case from Ecuador (Andrés Córdova, CARE)
  • Breaking Silos with the Blantyre-Munlaje Water Fund : a case from Malawi -  Kate Harawa (Water For People)
  • Back to the source : implementing and scaling source water protection : different contexts, but same framework in Nigeria and El Salvador - Marcos Sanjuan & Hyluwa Lelle (Catholic Relief Services)


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