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Presentations from the CONNECT Social Justice thematic track of the All Systems Connect International Symposium 2023.

TitleAll Systems Connect : CONNECT Social Justice presentations
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsPotter, A, Clark, M, Akinyi, D, Pankhurst, H, Hoffman, S, Hamis, A, Nweke, A, Rocha, G, Maphosa, K, Seguin, N, Oraeki, T, Gumede, T, Khunou, K, Gill, MJ
Secondary TitleAll Systems Connect International Symposium, 2-4 May 2023, The Hague, the Netherlands
Pagination12 PPTX files
Date Published05/2023
PublisherOne For All - IRC, Water For People, Water For Good
Place PublishedThe Hague, the Netherlands
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordsright to decent work

The All Systems Connect International Symposium was held from 2-4 May 2023, in The Hague, the Netherlands. The event included ten thematic tracks:

  • C1) CONNECT health
  • C2) CONNECT finance
  • C3) CONNECT climate
  • C4) CONNECT social justice
  • W1) Delivering safely managed water and sanitation services
  • W2) Markets and behaviour change: how people invest and driving to scale
  • W3) Water resource management: finding systemic solutions
  • W4) Governments, politics and systems change
  • W5) Systems change and collective action
  • D) Country Dialogues

Presentations hosted under this resource were part of the CONNECT Social Justice thematic track. 

The space for civil society to defend citizens rights is contested and under threat in many contexts. A key arena for social justice is the delivery of public services like water and sanitation.

The theme included the following sessions (please use Microsoft Edge as browser for easy viewing):

C4.1 Hearing the unheard: human rights to water and sanitation - No presentation slides used, this video provided the main content for discussion. 

C4.2 Where and how does gender justice strengthen WASH systems?

C4.3 Claiming the rights to housing, water, sanitation, and a safe environment

C4.4 Claiming the right to decent work and to make a living

C4.5 Social Justice Action Assembly (no presentation available)


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