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TitleThe 2nd International Dry Toilet Conference, Tampere, 16-19 August 2006 : proceedings
Publication TypeConference Report
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsTampere, FIGlobal Dry
Date Published2006-08-01
PublisherGlobal Dry Toilet Association of Finland
Place PublishedTampere, Finland
Keywordsadvocacy, appropriate technology, attitudes, awareness raising, composting latrines, construction, ecological sanitation, excreta disposal systems, integrated approach, millennium development goals, monitoring, sdihyg, sdisan, sustainability

Ecological sanitation is an approach and a new philosophy, rather than a technology. It focuses on closing the loop, and not only on the end-of-pipe-solutions. One of the solutions is dry toilet technology.

During the 2nd International Dry Toilet Conference 2006, in seven sessions, the past and future, architecture and construction, attitudes and advocacy, separation and re-use, dry toilet technology and monitoring, integrated approaches, sustainability and MDGs were treated.

Human perceptions, beliefs and attitudes are important for the success of dry sanitation and dry toilets; therefore, before it will be widely accepted, it has to provide the same comfort level as the conventional water closets, still viewed by many as the best option.

In order to take the nutrients of human excreta into reuse, i.e. close the nutrient loop safely and make sanitation sustainable, attention has to be paid to functional dry toilet technologies and safe management of the excrement. Research data strongly supports separation of urine, faeces and grey waters. The experiences of using human excreta as fertilizer are encouraging, but progress in promoting the use of dry toilets is slow.

More awareness is needed among people, more training, education and capacity building. New attractive ecological sanitation systems are necessary and incentive systems on research and entrepreneurs. Long term commitment and dedication, monitoring and follow-up is needed to unsure step-by step mind shifts.

NotesDT 2006 Conference summary and future prospects, Tampere, 16-18 August by Rautenen, S.-L. and Viskari, E.-L.available as PDF file (10 p.)
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