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Title10 good governance cases
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
AuthorsSmet, J, Achiro, B, Orishaba, G

The first 6 cases present existing good goverance practices in the project districts and Sub-counties. Existing here means that the practices were already present and applied prior to the start of the initiative. Through its learning approach, the West Nile project contributed to their sharing and replication. The 6 selected ante-project cases are:

  1. School Quarterly meetings
  2. Notice boards to display information on good governance and transparency
  3. Sanitation Campaigns
  4. Budget cycle
  5. Information sharing between district and Sub-county
  6. Water Users Fund Management

The 4 best practices cases presented here resulted from the project intervention, and in particular from action research activities that were guided and facilitated by the project team. During action research, methods and tools were developed and tested to promote WASH sector accountability and transparency at district, sub-county and village level, and to provide citizens with a voice. The 4 selected project-intervention cases are:

  1. Water services at district level
  2. Sanitation services at district level
  3. Water service at systems level
  4. Sanitation in primary schools


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