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2017 was a year of new beginnings

With the launch of our Strategy Framework, we set out how we intend to work with our partners to build resilient water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) systems to deliver Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) by 2030.

During 2017 our country teams worked with our partner districts to identify the challenges to achieving this. The resulting master plans will be published in 2018 and will guide our work in those districts in the years ahead. Our work on policy and knowledge sharing will ensure that success is not limited to these districts – but acts as an inspiration, nationally and globally.

Our theory of change underpins our new strategy. It tells us what we have to do and why, in order to achieve our goals at three levels: district, national and global. It focuses on our role in strengthening systems – networks of people, organisations, institutions and resources – because it's based on the evidence we've gathered showing that reliable and sustainable WASH services can only be delivered by strong and resilient systems.

Our role will be to strengthen WASH systems, and in order to gauge our progress, we have developed a monitoring framework to measure and report on developments. The results will go live on our website in 2018.

2017 also saw us achieve our highest ever turnover, thanks to the generous support of new and existing donors. As in previous years we would like to thank these donors for their continued belief in, and support to, our mission and vision.

This was also a year of transition for our Supervisory Board. In March, our dear friend and colleague Piers Cross passed away. In May, Hans van Dord stepped down as Chairman: we are grateful to him for the superb way in which he guided us when we were going through a particularly difficult time. Robert Bos took over as the new Chair. We also bade farewell to Regien van der Sijp and Ton de Wilde; Ton continues to support our work in Bangladesh. We welcomed two new members: Louis Boorstin (USA) and Clarissa Brocklehurst (Canada) who both bring a wealth of WASH experience. As a result, the Supervisory Board is now made up of two Netherlands-based and four externally based members. We are proud of the continued diversity of our organisation.

This Annual Report highlights some of our achievements in 2017. For more detailed information about our progress and finances, please read our 2017 Monitoring Report and our 2017 Annual Accounts.

IRC at a glance 2017

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The Para Todos, Por Siempre (Everyone, Forever), mentioned on page 12 is an initiative to promote universal access to sustainable water and sanitation services in Honduras. 

The pay-as-you fetch model mentioned on page 14 is a sustainability approach for hand pumps in rural areas. 

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