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Kwame is an associate to IRC Ghana as sanitation expert. Previously he worked for IRC Ghana as a programme manager, being responsible for operations management, including human resources and office management. And was responsible for project design and implementation of sanitation and other related projects/initiatives. 


Kwame is a Public Private Parntership (PPP) and Water, Sanitation and Environmental Management Specialist with over 22 years progressive professional experience working with Government, Private Sector, NGOs and Development Partners. He has been involved in design and management of various community development initiatives, in Ghana in the areas of water supply, sanitation and waste management, local governance, poverty reduction, and public private partnership for improved basic service delivery. He has extensive appreciation of the Water and Sanitation Sector issues in Ghana having worked as an Environmental Health Officer/Technologist in three municipalities in the Eastern Region and Policy Analyst at the headquarters of the MLGRD/ESHD.