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Published on: 11/11/2013

Internet and social media can be powerful tools to tell interesting WASH stories and therefore IRC and Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC) have decided to combine their skills. IRC is contributing WASH know-how and RNTC their multimedia skills to get water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) stories right.

"The course is designed to give journalists the skills they need for effective use of online media," RNTC Course Coordinator Tony Wilkinson explained. "At the same time, we want to provide participants with the background and information to write authoritatively on WASH topics. Combining RNTC's 40+ years of experience training international journalists with IRC's expertise in the fields of water, sanitation and hygiene is an ideal collaboration!"

From November 4 - 22, 2013, journalists and communications people from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Surinam and Zimbabwe will take part in a 3-week course in The Netherlands.

During the course, participants will improve their skills on how to write news, web features and blogs. They will learn how to create their own website with audio and video inserts, how to use Twitter and other social media to do research, to start discussions and as a platform to share stories.

RNTC trainers will improve the participants' multimedia skills, while IRC specialists contribute workshops on aspects of WASH, including progress and obstacles in achieving the MDGs and IRC's perspectives on the latest approaches. Participants will also receive IRC feedback on practical journalistic assignments that illuminate WASH-related issues. By the end of the course, they will form the core of a well-informed international network of water-wise journalists with access to IRC's very extensive network of experts.


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