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IRC ranked 3rd on the Philanthropedia list of most effective WASH organisations worldwide

Published on: 24/03/2015

THE HAGUE, 24 March 2015 – Today IRC was ranked third of the top 16 outstanding non-profits worldwide in water, sanitation and hygiene by Philanthropedia! 81 international experts working in WASH recommended IRC as one of the top 16 outstanding nonprofits and described its work of 'beneficial influence on the entire WASH sector'. 

It is the second time IRC has been ranked in the top of the list by Philanthropedia, an independent research institute that harnesses expert opinions to identify top nonprofits in different sectors. 

Experts working in the field of water, sanitation, and hygiene were asked to recommend up to three nonprofits doing high-impact work across multiple countries/regions, and work in a specific country/region. 

The expert reviewers stated that: “IRC has a strong and beneficial influence on the entire WASH sector, encouraging their peer organizations to think of project sustainability and long-running services beyond arriving, building infrastructure, then leaving. IRC's research has led to changes in industry wide thinking, especially regarding lifecycle costs, as well as to the emergence of new useful terminologies. IRC is also notable for forging effective alliances with governments and other NGOs, which is a tool that other nonprofits often ignore.”

Experts also said they valued IRC's "think and do" process and their effective application of results from the field to their projects. IRC's staff is also very knowledgeable and applied effectively in IRC's work.

An example to showcase IRC’s work comes from Mozambique, where IRC and the Directorate of Water (DNA) are creating a roadmap together for re-envisioning how rural water services are delivered. In rural Mozambique, nearly 35% of water facilities are not working or in need of repair. The rural water sector is characterised by uncoordinated donor-funded programmes which focus primarily on building new systems — often without consideration for indefinite maintenance of the services.

IRC has a strong and beneficial influence on the entire WASH sector, encouraging other organizations to think of sustainability and long-running services 

DNA and IRC are studying the situation to assess what is and what is not working. Catalysing progress means moving from focusing on building new facilities towards setting up institutional and management structures that can maintain and ensure long-term water facilities. In order to support this shift, DNA adopted the service delivery approach developed by IRC — to essentially improve sector harmonisation and to promote learning in Mozambique's rural water sector.

In 2011, 4th on the Philanthropedia list, the Expert Reviewers said about IRC: “They are smart, creative and their projects worldwide have great influence on making water and sanitation services sustainable.”

Philanthropedia is a division of GuideStar - a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that gives trusted nonprofit information on which donors can base confident decisions. Through independent research, Philanthropedia has leveraged the wisdom of 3121 experts to provide reviews on 783 top nonprofits across 48 causes. Philanthropedia harnesses expert opinions to identify top nonprofits in a given sector. To date 3119 experts have participated in our research, providing reviews on 664 top nonprofits across 34 local, national, and international causes. Its data reaches millions of individuals through the Philanthropedia and GuideStar websites, as well as social media.

For Philanthropedia's full report please scroll down to link.