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Published on: 14/06/2018

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and IRC share a belief in strengthening in-country institutions and capacities of service providers and government authorities at all levels, (local, district and national). This is key to delivering safe and sustainable access to water and sanitation, and achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal no. 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all.

Chris Dunston, Senior Programme Officer, International Programs, Hilton Foundation said: “The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is delighted to support the IRC systems-led approach in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia and Uganda in addition to Niger and Mali. We are excited about the potential for delivering real change along with other partners in these six countries over the next few years. IRC is the ideal partner to coordinate this ambitious multi-country programme given their unique perspective and skillset.”

IRC will focus on building the capacity of local authorities and partners to develop strategic plans and master plans for their sectorial development and improve the impact and sustainability of the WASH infrastructure. The capacity building component will use the Triple-S approach by focusing on building the capacity of local authorities and its partners to deliver and maintain water services effectively and efficiently.

IRC will bring a broad range of skills to supporting this, including critical skills associated with being a “hub”, to multi-stakeholder change processes on policy, financing and monitoring, convening and facilitation, knowledge management, communications, and capacity building.  

Patrick Moriarty, IRC’s CEO said: “We are hugely thankful to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation for their progressive outlook in supporting WASH systems building programs and thinking, rather than the traditional path of simply counting pumps installed and beneficiaries reached - without consideration to the quality and sustainability of the services delivered. IRC is excited to play the hub role in this innovative partnership approach with the other WASH beneficiaries working towards the same goal”.

Editor's notes

About IRC

IRC is an international think-and-do tank that works with governments, NGOs, businesses and people around the world to find long-term solutions to the global crisis in water, sanitation and hygiene services. At the heart of its mission is the aim to move from short-term interventions to sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services.

With over 45 years of experience, IRC runs programs and projects in more than 25 countries and large-scale projects in six focus countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is supported by a team of over 65 staff across the world. For more information, please visit

Media contact details IRC
Vera van der Grift, Head of Global Communications
T +31 70 304 4000

About The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation was created in 1944 by international business pioneer Conrad N. Hilton, who founded Hilton Hotels and left his fortune to help the world’s disadvantaged and vulnerable people. The Foundation currently conducts strategic initiatives in six priority areas: providing safe water, ending chronic homelessness, preventing substance use, helping young children affected by HIV and AIDS, supporting transition age youth in foster care, and extending Conrad Hilton’s support for the work of Catholic Sisters. In addition, following selection by an independent international jury, the Foundation annually awards the $2 million Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize to a nonprofit organization doing extraordinary work to reduce human suffering. From its inception, the Foundation has awarded more than $1.6 billion in grants, distributing $114.9 million in the U.S. and around the world in 2017. The Foundation’s current assets are approximately $2.8 billion. For more information, please visit

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