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Published on: 19/05/2022

Beyond the pandemic

The one-year COVIDWASH+ project by IRC in Kabarole District, Uganda, initially focused on emergency response to COVID-19 by boosting supplies of personal protective equipment and alcohol-based hand sanitizer for all health-workers. Now looking beyond the pandemic, IRC has expanded to incorporate sustainable WASH in healthcare solutions such as training health workers in the WASH-FIT tool for infection prevention and control, and cleaners to understand their role in preventing the spread of hospital acquired infections.

Medical waste is now well-managed thanks to the first licensed medical waste incinerator constructed at Ruteete HCIV to serve all healthcare facilities in the district. Five selected healthcare facilities have been transformed into model WASH in healthcare facilities that meet the WHO standards; they have received supplies of colour-coded waste segregation bins, installation of piped water systems and clean drinking water at all critical patient care points, and safe inclusive sanitation facilities.

Watch this video and listen to the stories of support staff in healthcare facilities in Kabarole District:



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