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Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

We want every household, school, health care facility, workplace and public place in Burkina Faso to have access to reliable and affordable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services by 2030.

Basic water 54% | Basic sanitation 23% | Open defecation 48% | Basic hygiene 12% (JMP)

IRC's team of 12 is led by Director Juste Nansi. At the national level IRC's focus is on advocating at the highest level for WASH as a political and financial priority, whilst also championing the need to invest in strong local systems. Our primary partner district is the commune of Banfora, located in the Cascades region. In addition to work in Banfora we are also active in providing technical assistance in other districts nationwide.

Achieving the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) SDG is possible but profoundly challenging. National and municipal systems are needed to ensure investments in infrastructure are built on to provide uninterrupted and acceptable quality services. In practice, once WASH infrastructure has been built, its efficient operation, management and eventual replacement (outside of the main cities) happens fitfully, or not at all because the national and municipal systems necessary to do so are lacking. Clean, safe drinking water remains the exception rather than the rule. People's awareness of hygiene is weak or non-existent, and the practice of open defecation is still widespread (partly due to the absence of hygiene awareness). Untreated faecal matter makes its way back into the environment and food chain. 

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