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Learning and adaptation

The ability to adapt in the face of change – building a resilient WASH sector

Faced by huge demographic, economic and environmental forces, the only way to ensure resilience is to build in adaptive capacity

The one constant in today's world is change.  WASH service authorities are faced by historically unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty: demographic, economic and environmental.  The key to managing and adapting to this change lies building reslience and adaptive capacity into the sector.  This in turn relies on the ability to effectively manage information, share knowledge, learning and adapt. Creating and supporting the national and local platforms where this can take place – meetings, events, conferences, online tools and channels – is a cost effective means of building adaptive capacity into the sector: allowing everyone to flexibly adapt and change their policies to achieve SDG 6.

Links to other building blocks: Learning and adaptation underpin all other building blocks, however, above all the ability to learn is predicated by access to good quality information and data from monitoring