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What you do next counts tomorrow

Published on: 24/08/2017

The pathway to sustainable WASH by 2030

The pathway to sustainable WASH by 2030

Momentum in WASH is finally shifting away from installing disconnected hardware, to embrace fully aligned services that follow a systems-based approach, but the clock's ticking.

While sustainable WASH services are transforming lives, district by district across the world, this shift in approach needs to happen faster. And on a much broader, global scale.

It has to, if we are to be true to our word and achieve the Global Goals for sustainable development set out in 2015, to bring an end to poverty by 2030.

That was when IRC gave everyone in WASH five years to make the changes necessary to achieve this. We're half way through, but we're not halfway there.

From government policy makers to villagers, global finance houses to individual donors and aid agencies, ministries to big business, civil engineers to pipe mechanics and community leaders, everyone has a vital role to play in the WASH system, today and tomorrow.

Because everyone is responsible for providing the basic human right to clean water and sanitation. Not just for one day, but forever.

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