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Published on: 06/03/2012

Water assembly meetings can play a useful role in allowing people to clarify their own duties and those of other people as shown by a workshop in Ceylan, Colombia. Miguel, the water engineer, reports to workshop participants, “I am happy that the administrators and everyone else recognises that my work is difficult and involves great responsibility on my part. I see that I have made serious mistakes which have affected the management of the treatment plan and I think that I was one of those who has most benefited from this meeting. Not so much for myself, because I already knew all this, but for the Water Administrative Board and the people in charge because they didn’t know the system. They didn’t know about all the work on the plant and when they found out, they could judge better. This has meant better relationships and everything has returned to normal.”

Mrs Gloria Lida Soto, financial controller of the Water Administrative Board, concluded: “Really we weren’t aware of the importance of the work carried out by the operator and the degree of responsibility in the management of this plant. There is a need for the collaboration of the administrator in order to distribute the workload better. Sometimes, when we criticise or judge a person without really knowing his work, I think we are not acting correctly.”

Cecilia Gomez

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