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Published on: 04/03/2013

Programmes and communities monitor many aspects, e.g.:

  • use of open defecation
  • access to provisional and sanitary toilets
  • progress in access to provisional and sanitary toilets over time
  • comparative access for non-poor and poor households at present and in time
  • hygienic use of toilets
  • presence of water and soap/soap substitutes for handwashing
  • sustaining of toilet use, hygiene and handwashing with soap
  • achieving and sustaining freedom from open defecation
  • what happens when pits/tanks get full: ways of emptying and end-disposal or -use

Examples of participatory assessment of baseline conditions and monitoring of progress come from Nepal and Mozambique (downloads below), among others. They give community organisations and households valuable insights on how they are doing and what improvement is still needed. 

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