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Published on: 13/11/2019

Sanitation is a service and does not consist solely of the provision of a sanitation facility. A sanitation facility is the infrastructure necessary to capture human waste (i.e. faeces and urine).

Sanitation systems strengthening means making sure that all the links in the sanitation chain (see image below) are in place, that the chain is not broken, and that all the links are working as they should.

sanitation chain
Image. the sanitation chain

This should result in the safe management of human waste from capture all the way through to safe reuse or disposal processes. You want know more? Watch this short animation (1.45 mins) which explains what sanitation systems strengthening involves.

The animation is part of the WASH Systems Academy’s free basic course on WASH systems strengthening. The basic course has an entire session dedicated to systems strengthening for sanitation.

Find out more about the Academy and how to register for one of the courses now!

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