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Published on: 24/02/2015

Since the first BRAC WASH programme in 2006, BRAC WASH and IRC have been learning together. It has been a joint journey with the shared aim of making real and sustained progress, improving the quality, reaching the poorest and hard to reach. Collaborative decision making, action and reflection based on extensive field monitoring as well as learning events with programme staff have all contributed and to overcoming obstacles encountered.

IRC provides support for BRAC WASH to monitor qualitative change at scale, to document the programme approach and lessons learned and to innovate. One of the innovations has been in the area of hygiene promotion – where IRC helped redesign the way behavioural change is communicated and to develop a specific approach to hygiene promotion for men. 

Another important focus of IRC has been working towards sustainability – taking steps to strengthen sanitation value chains, and investigate the life-cycle costs of sanitation and water services.

Find out more about the BRAC WASH programme and IRC's inputs as a knowledge partner in BRAC WASH.

BRAC WASH team developing hygiene messages targeted at men

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