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Published on: 23/05/2017

A topic that is still suffering from many taboos and is seriously neglected in government policies. The Sustainable Development Goals fail to mention menstrual health specifically in their targets and indicators. A sad omission as this really is global human issue.

Listen to the podcast and learn more from Virginia Roaf, Radha Paudel and Neville Okwaro as they talk with Catarina Fonseca and Jeroen Westerbeek.

Virginia RoafVirginia Roaf is an independent consultant based in Germany who has been working on human rights to water and sanitation since 2002.



Neville Okwaro

Neville Okwaro - based in Kenya - is involved in the Ministry of Health Knowledge Management WASH Hub. He also supports public health officers in 47 counties. Neville assists the focal point for Menstrual Hygiene Management with activities and capacity building of various stakeholders in Menstrual Hygiene Management and other aspects of sanitation and hygiene.


Radha PaudelRadha Paudel -based in Nepal – is the president of Action Works Nepal (Awon) an organisation that aspires to empower the poor, vulnerable, and excluded women, children, and men of Nepal so they may live their lives with social equality, justice, and dignity. She has received several awards for her work including the Women PeaceMaker Program 2012 award. Besides that, she is also the founder of the Radha Paudel Foundation, which focusses among other things on workshops on menstrual health, gender inclusion, gender based violence, community mobilization and human rights.


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