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Published on: 29/04/2020

The WASH Systems Academy now offers organisations and networks the opportunity to tailor courses to their own individual needs. Customised courses can consist of a combination of existing materials and new content on the actors and factors that influence the delivery of safe and sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. Participating organisations can choose to expand on specific elements of WASH systems strengthening, include information on the organisation or the network it is a part of or elaborate with relevant case studies. It will also be possible to translate sessions into French or Spanish to better suit regional contexts.

Viva con Agua is a worldwide network of over 15,000 volunteer supporters, companies and artists that collect donations for its projects. The 16-hour basic course on WASH systems strengthening will initially be offered to a group of 100 volunteers and staff with added information on the work, mission and vision of the organisation itself.

Why is Viva con Agua doing this?

The Divisional Manager of water projects for Viva con Agua, Christian Wiebe, explains; "Viva con Agua could hardly invest resources to create such an online course on its own. That's why we are glad to cooperate with IRC to create an online course that is tailored to our needs, providing our supporters with know-how on WASH systems strengthening and more information about the work we do.

"Especially in these challenging times of COVID-19, this customised course is a valuable means of providing more information on the importance of strong water, sanitation and hygiene systems. IRC has always been a leader in the WASH sector to us. When IRC launched the WASH Systems Academy, we welcomed the possibility to use it for our global decentralised network".

Want to know more and explore the possibility of developing your own customised curriculum?
Contact IRC's WASH Systems Academy team here:

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