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Village WASH committees that represent all community members are at the core of the BRAC WASH programme. The committees note progress on water and sanitation coverage by drawing social maps. Each committee member has a role to play in ensuring that the village achieves - and maintains - 100% sanitation coverage.

The core of the BRAC WASH programme is the Village WASH Committee (VWC), made up of 11 members - 6 female and 5 male - with representation from all stakeholder groups. The VWC meet bi-monthly to assess existing water and sanitation situations of the entire village and identify issues that need urgent action. They select sites for community water sources, collect money and monitor usage and maintenance of latrines. Committee members are also responsible for identifying ultra-poor households eligible for BRAC and the Government’s Annual Development Programme grants. In addition, committee members are responsible for selecting poor households for providing micro loan support to enable them to install sanitary latrines and to construct tube well platforms.

To strengthen the capacity of VWCs, two key members from each committee (one female and one male) have been provided leadership training. A total of 39,562 VWCs have been made functional throughout the programme area and 80,000 members were trained in the first phase (2006-2011).

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