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The untold stories of WASH in Uganda

Published on: 17/10/2017

What are they key issues and circumstances that characterise the lack of access to WASH services in unserved areas?

The WASH Agenda for Change (WA4C) partnership in Uganda has embarked on an exercise to document the untold story of WASH. The aim is to profile the unserved areas, highlighting the key issues and circumstances that characterize their lack of access to WASH services.

The oft-told story of WASH focuses on success stories in service provision. WASH sector documents are awash with testimonies about interventions that changed the lives of entire villages. The unserved, though they are recorded in the statistics, are not usually profiled in detail. It's important to know for example, where are the villages that make up the 30% of the population that is not served with safe water? What are their unique circumstances? What actions can be taken for them to be served better?

Between July and September 2017, the WA4C partnership worked with selected journalists to undertake the first round of the documentation exercise. Among the participating journalists were the winners of the inaugural Uganda WASH Media Awards 2016 and members of the The Water and Environment Media Network (WEMNET).

Stories were then published in the Ugandan newspapers and aired on TV. Some of the published articles can be downloaded below.