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Published on: 03/10/2012

From 24-26 a Triple-S research seminar took place in Kampala, bringing together the Triple-S country teams from Ghana and Uganda.

Find below an overview of the presentations that were shared:

Service delivery models Ghana

This presentation gives an overview of existing service delivery models in Ghana.

Assessing and monitoring water services in Ghana: findings for the Ghana baseline

Presenting the outcomes of a baseline study carried out in East Gonja, Sunyani West and Akatsi district in Ghana.

Research on profiling of CBMs service delivery model in Uganda

This presentation gives an outline on the methodology used and presents the first results of the research on profiling of the CBM service delivery model in Uganda.

An experimental approach to strengthening post-construction support

As there is no one 'best' institutional model it is necessary to take an experimental approach towards strengthening post-construction support, within the boundaries of existing resource constraints.

Methods for assessing impact and costs of post-construction support

Earlier research has shown that most communities receive some sort of support. But what impact does that have and what are the most effective arrangements?

Water service delivery indicators

Under different programmes and projects water service delivery indicators have been or are being developed. What are their commonalities? and what are the issues and challenges?

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