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Published on: 21/01/2022

THE HAGUE, 21 JANUARY 2022    To tackle the key injustice challenges in the world today we need bold, innovative and ambitious ideas from inspirational people. “Toilet Talks” is a show about big ideas from the smallest room and making the most powerful connections where you least expect them.

“Toilet Talks” is part of a wider programme of work by IRC that seeks to build intersectional awareness and action between activists and experts to move toward creating a more equitable world.  By making new connections and opening lines of communications, changemakers from all sectors can make an impact.  Because if we don’t connect the value of water and sanitation to social justice issues involving climate, health, gender, education and economic development, many Sustainable Development Goals are likely to fail. 

“Toilet Talks” is hosted by Ikenna Azuike, a journalist and filmmaker who created the satirical news show “What's Up Africa,” which aired on BBC World News television for six seasons and was shortlisted for an Association of International Broadcasters Award.  

The show is launching with five episodes where Ikenna, while sitting on his toilet, questions motivational people from their toilets about the pressing social issues of the day.  Having candid conversations about issues that affect real people around the world, "Toilet Talks" tackles social justice issues in a more personal setting.

Guests include: 

  • Betty Osei Bonsu - Environmentalist and activist. The project leader at the Green Africa Youth Organization in Ghana and co-founder of the Trees 4 Biodiversity movement, growing over 1,500 trees to date.
  • Jorgen Tjon A Fong - Theatre Director and Founder of Urban Myth in Amsterdam, a cultural organization that places untold stories into the spotlight and highlights the cultural diversity of Dutch society.
  • Chibeze Ezekiel - Environmental activist. Leader of the “Coal Kills” campaign that single-handedly stopped the construction of a coal power plant in Ghana. Winner of the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize.
  • Simone Weimans - Anchor-woman for Dutch national news and presenter for the radio show “Met het Oog op Morgen”.
  • Hajar Yagkoubi - Former youth representative to the United Nations for the Netherlands. Public speaker and youth inclusion expert.

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