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Published on: 20/12/2016

At IRC we think that life without water and effective sanitation is not a full life. We believe in a world where the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene are fundamental services that everyone should be able to take for granted.

We thank you for your partnership in 2016, for your belief in our shared work and vision. Looking forward to continuing to working together with you in 2017 to create strong national WASH systems peopled by empowered WASH doers such as district water officers, social mobilisers, local politicians, hand pump mechanics and private operators.

Patrick Moriarty



Meet some of the WASH doers we have been supporting in 2016



In Uganda, IRC is supporting local and national government to ensure that people get better water, sanitation and hygiene services. We believe that government needs to be empowered to create systems that make these services sustainable. In the Ugandan district of Kabarole, IRC is working to support local government create sustainable water and sanitation services and assisting to sustain them. We are addressing key issues that include scaling up services and financing.

Across Uganda, IRC is working in an alliance called WASH Agenda for Change with WaterAid and Water For People to create improvements in services in three districts and know how and expertise that can be used across the whole country.

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