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Published on: 01/07/2013

Ms Jane Nabunnya Mulumba

IRC’s incoming Country Director for Uganda, Ms Jane Nabunnya Mulumba, is keen to strengthen relations with key sector partners when she starts in her new position on July 1st, 2013.

With her 15 years of experience and Masters’ degrees in Communication and Public Policy Management, building relationships and partnerships has always been an important part of Jane’s work. In 2006, when she first entered the water sector, she worked for the Nile Basin Initiative in Uganda, promoting communication and information sharing and exchange and stakeholder involvement with various stakeholders. Before that, she worked for 10 years with DENIVA, a National NGO Network in Uganda and supported civil society organisations and district NGO networks in different regions of Uganda through capacity building in information management, documentation of evidence and effective participation in local governance.

Jane’s first encounter with IRC was in December 2009 when she became Country Coordinator of the Triple-S initiative in Uganda.  For World Water Day 2013 she sent this video message emphasising that cooperation among stakeholders is key to the improvement of functionality of rural water facilities.


So how does Jane see her role as Country Director?

“My first task”, she says, “is to consolidate the work of my predecessors Jo Smet and René van Lieshout. I will be involved in the WASHTech project and for sanitation on CLTS and menstrual hygiene management”. Next to that Jane aims to continue to build on learning from the ongoing Triple-S initiative, which she will continue to coordinate in Uganda, as well as from earlier projects like LeaPPS and PILS.

“Furthermore”, Jane adds, “ I will continue to strengthen relations within the sector especially with the National Sanitation Working Group, the Water and Environment Sector Working Group (WESWG), the Functionality Thematic Group and the Development Partners group”.

With IRC officially registered in Uganda, Jane will work on making the Country Office more active and visible based on its full mandate to operate in Uganda. This means actively seeking new opportunities to expand and develop new activities in Uganda with key partners like Water for People and the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE), with whom Triple-S has an MoU for implementing the Triple-S initiative.

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