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Published on: 09/03/2015

In Uganda annual reviews are conducted to assess performance of WASH service delivery and prioritise actions. District, regional and national forums are held at which stakeholders share information, analyse service delivery and coordinate actions to improve efficiency and effectiveness. NGOs have established forums at national and regional levels to address common issues and feed best practices and innovations into sector planning and review processes.Although multi-stakeholder forums are well positioned to study the issues raised in the annual reviews and develop innovative solutions, they have mainly been used for reporting and information sharing.

Triple-S has applied strategic partnerships and learning platforms as vehicles for generating and sharing knowledge and for fostering change towards water services that last. Learning alliances are a key element of IRC's approach to systemic change and they have been used in Triple-S to help stakeholders investigate and clear bottlenecks in service delivery. This experiment has developed and tested a framework for using the learning alliance approach to promote innovation and adapt policy and practice based on evidence.

This experiment consisted of an action research on the effectiveness of multi-stakeholder forums in Technical Support Units 2 and 6 and at the national level. A framework for assessing and supporting learning and coordination in the sector was developed.

Who was involved?

  • National-level stakeholders: NETWAS, Water Aid, SNV, functionality working group, and MIS working group.
  • District level: district water and sanitation coordination committees, subcounty coordination committees, Technical Support Units 2 and 6, sub county water boards, selected water user committees.
  • External consultant to conduct the assessment.
  • Liaison of the Ministry of Water and Environment.
  • Development partners.

Selected publications

A range of blogs and interviews provide lessons and stakeholders' views on learning for improved service delivery in Uganda (see selected links below).

A Policy Brief presents lessons and recommendations from this experiment. A Briefing Note on Sector learning and adaptive management (2015) presents key concepts, resources needed and recommended points for action (see below). 

 For more information contact: Jane Nabunnya Mulumba, IRC Uganda Country Coordinator

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