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Published on: 03/07/2013

From testing monitoring service delivery indicators and tools in 3 pilot districts by the CWSA and Triple-S to applying monitoring at scale in 64 Ghanaian districts, one quarter of the country. That is what will happen in the framework of SMARTerWASH in the coming 3 years. The monitoring vision and operational guidelines of the CWSA will be mainstreamed and will provide districts with the necessary data to solve problems with infrastructure and community service providers, to plan and to budget. FLOW will be used for collecting the data. At the same time Ghanaian private company SkyFox will set up an SMS alert system and strengthen customer relationships between community service providers, area mechanics and spare part distributors. It is big. SMARTerWASH is big.

Some 780 people will be trained in the coming months: regional and district government staff, community service providers and enumerators. Thousands of water systems will be mapped and services monitored. By mid next year the district governance machinery will have started action to correct failures.

It also has got challenges: from pure logistical ones to more complicated ones around the choice of indicators, the objectivity of people collecting the data, harmonisation with NGO and DP monitoring systems and the incentives for District Assemblies to act on the data. But it is a great start and it is a fine partnership: CWSA, IRC, Akvo FLOW, SkyFox and Water For People.

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