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Published on: 16/02/2011

In a recent article in on lessons from WASH multi- stakeholder partnerships from 12 countries in Africa, two SNV authors use three IRC materials on sector learning  in the six resources they list [1].

They are:

  • Smits, S, Moriarty, P. and Sijbesma, C. (eds) (2007)
     Learning Alliances: Scaling up innovations in water, sanitation and hygiene. IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre. (Technical paper series: no. 47, pp. 174.)
  • IRC staff and partners-facilitated WASH Sector Learning Group:
  • Documentation on Learning for Practice and Policy on Household and School Sanitation and Hygiene  (LeaPPS) and other WASH MSPs.

[1] Michiel Verweij and Jackson Wandera,  SNV-Netherlands Development Organisation Facilitating WASH forums - Multi-stakeholder partnerships on water, sanitation and hygiene in Africa.

Source:, no. 41, December 2010

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