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SMARTerWASH: a new model for rural water service monitoring in Ghana

Published on: 19/09/2013

A new joint initiative in Ghana aims to ensure that monitoring information is effectively used to keep water and sanitation services working.

The Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, Akvo, Water for People and SkyFox have launched SMARTerWASH, a 3-year project to monitor water and sanitation in 64 districts, nearly one third of Ghana.

Indicators for functionality, service levels and sustainability have recently been developed and tested, using mobile phone technology and a web-based application.

SMARTerWASH  will mainstream the monitoring vision and operational guidelines of the CWSA so that districts will have the necessary data to solve problems with infrastructure and community service providers.

AKVO FLOW will be used for collecting the data.

At the same time Ghanaian private company SkyFox will set up an SMS alert system and strengthen customer relationships between community service providers, area mechanics and spare part distributors.