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Shared problems, shared solutions

Published on: 25/04/2019

Hygiene promotion workshop

Using learning alliances to unify the WASH system.

Learning alliances act as a powerful mechanism for connecting the different constituencies of the WASH system. They stimulate innovations that in turn allow the WASH system to learn, adapt and flourish in response to changing situations. And how do they do that? By bringing together diverse stakeholders to brainstorm and foster active discussions around shared visions and goals. Together they create an inclusive and open platform for collaboration and joint action research to inform future decision making within the WASH system.

How to use learning alliances to achieve systems change at scale gives insights into the learning alliance approach. Drawing on IRC's extensive experiences in using learning alliances to drive systems strengthening, this working paper provides a framework for implementation of learning alliances as well examples of how learning alliances have been used in various situations.