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Published on: 11/02/2008

Scientific organisations and researchers working in developing countries will be brought together through a network to be launched on 12 May in New York.The programme, Scientists Without BordersSM, is an initiative of the New York Academy of Sciences. It seeks to integrate the efforts of the scientific and health community to address global health, agriculture and energy challenges in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals.

The Academy has chosen Africa as the starting continent, with Ghana as the pilot country.

Read more: Eva Aguilar, SciDev.Net, 6 Feb 2008

Non-potable water is mentioned as one of the examples of issues that network members could address.

The first project of Scientists Without BordersSM will be a Web portal, whose cornerstone is a database that will:

  • Connect scores of public and private organizations that are currently addressing the UN Millennium Development Goals through science-based activities—and foster innovative activities among them;
  • Offer a unique and empowering information source to thousands of academic and industry scientists who wish to work on global health, environmental challenges and other vital issues;
  • Register needs and available resources, thus allowing scientists and organizations to connect and direct their energies for maximum impact; and
  • Provide a mechanism by which organizations can build on one another's progress.

Read more: New York Academy of Sciences

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