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Published on: 27/05/2014

The Session "Management, governance, Change management of urban services" will be moderated by Richard Franceys (Professor at Cranfield University, UK) and includes presentations by:

  • Marine Colon (PhD - AgroParisTech) on the transformation of services in Phnom Penh and Kampala
  • Alan Gilbert (Department of Geography - University College London) on governance in relation to economic efficiency and services for the poor
  • Alain Henry (AFD Director of Research).
  • Discussing the issues with them will be Ek Sonn Chan (who headed the transformation of the water service in Phnom Penh), William Muhairwe (who headed the transformation of the water service in Kampala) and Fidele Ndayisaba, Mayor of Kigali (the capital of Rwanda).

The second session on "Sanitation, Urban Planning, and Health" will be moderated by Faraj-El Awar (Programme manager - Global Water Operators Partnerships Alliance- UN-Habitat), and more specifically addresses the conditions of success for the creation or transformation of a sanitation utility in the context of high-growth cities. This session will include presentations from:

  • Catherine Chevauché (Head of Department at Safege) on new approaches in the design of sanitation services
  • Marie Hélène Zerah (Research Fellow, Center for social sciences and humanities - New Delhi) on new approaches to utilities in the process of transformation
  • Dr. Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy (Dean of the USF Patel College of Global Sustainability) on the integration of urban services.
  • They will be talking with Andre N'Guessan (Assistant Director for Planning and Development at the ONAD- Côte d'Ivoire), Harouna Ouibiga (CEO of ONEA - Burkina Faso), Samir Amir (Director of Water Resources of the Wilaya of Algiers) and Fidele Ndayisaba, Mayor of Kigali (the capital of Rwanda).
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