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Sanitation innovation: Gates Foundation awards grants for 26 technology projects

Published on: 13/05/2011

A reusable self-decontaminating sanitary napkin, a children’s latrine training mat and a latrine using urine to flush instead of water are among 26 sanitation technology projects that have been awarded Gates Foundation grants.

The topics of the wining projects range from hygiene, to household latrines, ecological sanitation, and wastewater/sludge treatment and reuse for fertiliser and energy.

On 28 April 2011, the Gates Foundation announced that 88 new global health projects received grants, each worth US$ 100,000, in the 6th round of the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative. Out of these 88 projects, there were 26 winners in the category “Create the Next Generation of Sanitation Technologies”. Projects with demonstrated success in their initial phase of research have the opportunity to receive Phase II funding of up to US$ 1 million.

See the full list of 26 sanitation awards.

More sanitation awards will be granted in round 7 of the Grand Challenges Explorations (please note that applications closed on 19 May 2011).