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Published on: 08/09/2020

Reduction of watershed degradation and pollution, and thereby improvement of the health of freshwater ecosystems is one of ABCG's key focus areas. In support of the USAID Biodiversity Policy, the ABCG FW-WASH task is linking freshwater conservation and water, sanitation, and hygiene (FW-WASH) to proactively engage diverse, local community actors in advocacy efforts for improved policies. By linking conservation and development activities, communities and policymakers can mitigate impacts and provide compensation for biodiversity loss to deliver positive conservation outcomes.

The ABCG FW-WASH task collaborated with IRC, a WASH think-and-do tank, to develop a Freshwater Conservation and WASH Advocacy Strategy Workshop Facilitator's Guide. The guide lays out steps for conservation, WASH, and development practitioners to develop an advocacy strategy, messaging, and activities for urging donors, policymakers, and colleagues to unite and join forces for health through conservation and WASH investments.

On August 20, 2020 ABCG launched the Freshwater Conservation and WASH Advocacy Strategy Workshop Facilitator’s Guide. Thank you to the moderator and speakers for their participation.

See the Freshwater conservation and WASH advocacy strategy workshop facilitator's guide

Janet Edmond, Conservation International

Featured Speakers:
G. Jessica Torrens-Spence, USAID Bureau for Africa
Rebecca Goodman, Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group
Colleen Sorto, Conservation International
Peter Apell, Jane Goodall Institute-Uganda
Elynn Walter, IRC

The webinar recording is available on YouTube and the presentation given at the launch is on SlideShare.

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