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Published on: 21/11/2019

Since establishing the IRC Burkina office in 2012, our role has evolved from Service Delivery Approach and Life-Cycle Cost Approach experimenters at municipal level and promoters at national level, to becoming a sector strategic change agent at both levels – playing an active role in sector systems strengthening, as well as influencing global sector perspective through active participation in learning events.

For example, we’ve had a lot of fun with the FasoToilettes campaign, that comes with its very own theme song. With the support of the First Lady, this campaign has been directed to Burkinabe in town and cities, and those abroad, to look out for their poorer families in the countryside and provide toilets. The campaign focused on household investment into toilets in an attempt to bridge that investment gap.

The first lady of Burkina Faso during the official opening of the Fasotoilettes campaign 2017

The Government of Burkina Faso is committed to universal WASH access but getting the 0.5% sanitation financing commitment is complex. Since recognising access to water and sanitation as human rights in the Constitution in 2015, the Government has made significant commitments, including aligning with a new water and sanitation policy that sets “safely managed” as the ambition.

Our mission is to help the Government of Burkina Faso meet its 2030 SDG commitment. Our role focusses on the transformation of municipal systems particularly in strengthening the building blocks for a performing WASH sector and by improving reciprocal accountability between stakeholders. We will play the same Change Hub role at municipal and national level: we will bring players together, stimulate experimentation, and create and share knowledge for reuse. We will also go one step further: we will work with municipalities to map assets, monitor services, develop realistic budgets and clear, comprehensive plans, and afterwards we will help identify funding sources for those plans.

Our partner municipality is Banfora, and between now and 2030, we will hold ourselves accountable for ensuring that every household, school, healthcare facility, workplace and public place in Banfora will have access to sustained, safe and adequate WASH services by 2030. To reach that ambition, the governance and operating systems in the municipality of Banfora need to improve considerably by 2021.

Learn more about all the activities in our Strategic Plan 2017-2021 (see Resources below).

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