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Published on: 01/03/2012

RAIN is also applying the life-cycle costs approach to new studies. RAIN is plugging the life-cycle costs information they have into cost-benefit analysis done within the context of the Water Recharge, Retention and Reuse (3R) alliance, which will be published as a 3R booklet.

To get more in depth field data, IRC and RAIN have embarked on another study, under the MUStRAIN project, which aims to understand the costs and benefits of sand dams and sub-service dams for multiple-use water services (MUS) in Ethiopia. This study will both look at few existing systems and their actual long term costs. It will also document the life-cycle costs of new pilot projects, with the purpose of estimating the costs and benefits of large scale implementation. A before and after evaluation of water service delivery levels and benefits will allow a more meaningful comparison of these systems with other approaches.

Learn more about the RAIN Foundation through the link below.

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