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Published on: 20/11/2023

This plan sets out the guidance on how IRC Burkina will support measures to strengthen WASH systems at national and district levels to reach more people, scaling up approaches that have proven to be successful in Burkina, and developing new ways to accelerate progress.

Currently, in Burkina Faso only 49% of the population has access to at least basic drinking water services, and access to basic sanitation is at a low of 24%. Basic hygiene services are almost non-existent, at just 9% (JMP, 2021). In towns and villages, people defecate in the open or relieve themselves in improvised toilets. The country needs to make a colossal effort and it is becoming imperative to accelerate the current rhythm.

This strategy is designed to add significant value to the response to the country-wide challenges faced by the WASH sector, including political, security, humanitarian and financial issues.

In a significant effort to respond to these challenges, IRC recognises that making a lasting impact requires a collective effort. We believe that concrete change can be achieved when individuals and communities work together. IRC Burkina is working at national level to advocate for WASH as a political and financial priority. We are making the case to governments and other stakeholders for the need to invest in strong local systems. Proven solutions such as master planning and master planning tools will be used extensively and replicated in new districts in the country to achieve WASH service level targets.

Juste Nansi
Country Director, IRC Burkina

Burkina Faso team

Collective action between WASH stakeholders at regional level, in South Central Region (IRC Burkina Faso 2022)

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