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Specialist course: Building blocks of sustainable WASH systems

Published on: 04/03/2019

From September, the WASH Systems Academy will launch its first specialist course.

If you are at the start of your career or are a senior WASH expert that wants to understand how to integrate a systems strengthening approach in your work, this online course on the building blocks of sustainable WASH systems is for you.

When WASH systems are strong and resilient they deliver services that meet people's needs. When they are weak, services are poor, unreliable or fail altogether. The WASH system strengthening approach looks at the WASH system as a whole, through the lens of 9 critical "building blocks" as monitoring, finance and policy and legislation. Each session in this course focuses on one of these building blocks of a sustainable system.

Course objectives
This specialist course on the building blocks of sustainable WASH systems consists of 10 sessions of 1.5 hours. The total estimated course duration is 16 hours.

After completing this course, you will know:
• the details of the 9 critical building blocks of sustainable WASH services
• entry points on how to start strengthening WASH systems
• how to support others to apply the WASH systems strengthening approach

This course is available once you pass the free general course 'WASH system strengthening: the basics'.

Course content
The activities in each session are different, but expect to:

• hear (podcasts)
• see (animation, infographic or video)
• connect (with other WASH sector professionals and IRC in forum discussions)
• do (exercises, quizzes)
• read (short texts) and
• create (your own materials)

The learning does not have to stop there. Each session has extra materials if you want to know more.

Track your progress
After completing a session, you receive a building block badge; finance badge, monitoring badge etc. Collect all 9 badges.

After completing standard activities, activity badges are awarded. Become a 'curious cat' for reading short texts or a 'listening owl' for following the podcasts (see below).

Overview actvity badges

To easily see your progress throughout the course, activities that are completed are automatically marked with a green tick in the box on the right side of the activity.

The certificate
The course ends with a multiple-choice test. If you complete all activities in all sessions and get 80% on the test, you can download a digital certificate to add to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.

Join us
Delivering water and sanitation services that last relies on a complex network of people and factors to work together effectively. In other words, it needs a strong WASH system in place. Strong WASH systems can only be built together.

Registration for the specialist course on the building blocks of sustainable WASH systems will begin in September. Partners of the Hilton Foundation and Agenda for Change (A4C) are welcome to test a Beta version of the Academy from June.

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The WASH Systems Academy is an initiative of IRC.

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