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Published on: 08/04/2013

Note: dates have changed from 9-13 September to 25-29 November 2013

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This five day course gives senior water sector professionals an understanding of the key elements in delivering sustainable rural water services at scale. It provides examples and models from various countries and draws on the latest thinking from Triple-S.

We are moving from an era in which the focus has been on increasing coverage as quickly as possible to one in which sustaining access, decreasing breakdowns and preventing slippage are becoming increasingly important. This is not a small transition; it is a radical shift. It is means broadening the goal from constructing infrastructure to delivering a reliable uninterrupted service that supplies good quality water in appropriate quantities close to the home. This may seem a luxury since in many countries so many people still need access, but for more and more countries, this transition will be critical.

To make this transition successfully governments, service providers and local authorities must change their mindset and increase their skills. It means a stronger focus on professionalising community management; supporting and regulating service providers; managing assets as they increase in number and value; and monitoring water services to prevent breakdowns and improve planning. Many countries are finding cost-effective solutions to performing these functions and improving their rural water services. This training helps participants explore the "how to" of water services that last and gives them the basic conceptual tools to develop their own context-specific solutions, while learning from available examples and models.

The participation fee is 1,850 Euros (excluding travel and accommodation costs). Sponsorship by IRC is not available.

For more information please contact

IRC reserves the right to cancel the event by 15 September if there are insufficient registrations. Full reimbursement of registration fee will be made.

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