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Published on: 20/01/2023

Happy New Year! Start the year off right by taking one of our courses offered on the WASH systems academy platform!  

Set your New Year's Resolution! - Take a course of your choice from our broad selection of free courses – this will help you set and achieve your goals for the year while helping you plan for the year ahead and make sure you stay on track.  

Whether you are a student, at the start of your career or a senior expert, in government or the private sector, the WASH Systems Academy is there for you to understand what systems strengthening is all about and how you can integrate it in your work.  

Go beyond the typical new year's resolutions as eating better or exercising more, and consider more divergent ideas like: 

  1. Learning how to draw up a good district WASH plan. All good years start with a good plan…Learn how to (facilitate stakeholders to) develop and implement district-level long-term strategic plans for ensuring sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services for all. This is also called a district water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) master plan
  2. Learning how to identify the costs and financing gap of water services, all good years start with knowing your budget…. Take the new course on how to use the Excel tool "Life-Cycle Costing of water services" to identify the costs and financing gap of water services in a specific area, often a district or municipality. This Costing sustainable water services course will help you plan, operate and maintain water services.  
  3. Understanding the role of Market-Based Sanitation as part of strong water and sanitation systems needed to realise universal and sustainable sanitation services. We believe all things start with sanitation. Follow this course Market based sanitation: the basics, to understand the role of the market in getting universal safe sanitation services for all.  
  4. Find out how art can change lives. Explore One Drop Foundation's Social Art for Behaviour Change™ (SABC) approach and how it can contribute to sustainable change. Take the course on Social Art for Behaviour Change: the basics.  
  5. Learn the basic concepts of how to achieve sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene service delivery for all. This course – WASH systems strengthening: the Basics, will help you understand the water and sanitation systems strengthening approach - what it is, why it is useful and how to start applying it in your work. 

No matter which WASH Systems Academy courses you choose, there are so many ways to set forth a personal challenge, while taking stock of where we are and how we can improve... and maintain our desire to take a step towards positive change in the new year.  

The only question is, how will you pick just one? 

Our courses are free, self-paced, and designed to help you create and maintain strong and reliable water and sanitation services. Forever. 

We offer dynamic, interactive content, rich in case studies from around the world. Learn from key experts eager to share their lessons learned, build your network by interacting with your fellow registrants, and gain acknowledgment for your work. Our courses are powered by IRC with exciting new ones continuously under development. 

 Join the free global platform and take one of our courses today and start the year off right! 

 A NOTE - WASH systems Academy: 

The five key points you should know about the WASH systems academy 

  1. The WASH Systems Academy is an online platform that provides access to free, open-source training materials and resources for professionals working in the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector. 
  2. The Academy offers a range of courses covering topics such as WASH systems strengthening, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, financing, and many more. 
  3. The Academy is designed to help WASH professionals develop their skills and knowledge, and to provide a platform for collaboration and exchange of ideas. 
  4. The Academy is supported by a network of experts and practitioners from around the world and is constantly updated with new content. 
  5. The Academy is free to use and is available in multiple languages. 
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