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Published on: 05/11/2018

Functioning water and sanitation facilities in schools is a life-saving issue and failure to provide appropriate services to children has impact far beyond the classroom.  

Helping practitioners in the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector gain access to the most relevant materials online ensures that the best approaches are used and that support to schools increases as we move towards 2030.

IRC and UNICEF have come together to create an online platform where practitioners can find, share and store the most useful information for their work on WASH in schools.  

Working with professional search, user experience and digital design agencies, we have designed a site which allows for fast and simple access to a range of relevant documents and one which can respond to future needs. 

We want to bridge the gap between the fast moving world of online forums and maintaining long-term access to useful information online.  

The new WASH in Schools Index has search, filter, share, and contribute functions as well as outreach and thematic news on WASH in Schools, with latest and most popular documents from users alongside an Index Library. 

We hope you will sign up, contribute and use the new WASH in Schools Index as your most reliable and up-to-date source!

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